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Never Skated Before?

Skating Newbie Must Knows



Skate size and shoe size ARE NOT THE SAME. Make sure you get fitted properly

-Each skating brand has a different measuring system as well

-Example: Size 2 in Jackson = size 1 in Riedell


Never buy your child’s skates big! It is very dangerous!


Skates will feel snug and firm.This can be difficult for children to adjust to, but it will keep them safe.


Skates need to be an appropriate match for a skaters’ level.The more advanced they are, the stiffer and stronger the boot needs to be.


To ease the discomfort of skates, thin smooth socks should be worn to prevent rubbing or blisters.Thick wooly socks are unnecessary and often don’t fit easily in ice skates.


Skate blades need to be kept dry, if they get wet and stay wet, they will rust.


Skate blades should be stored in fabric covers called “soakers”


NEVER STORE YOUR BLADES IN THE HARD GUARDS! This will cause them to rust at an accelerated rate because the rubber and plastic hold in moisture.


-Hard guards are for walking in your skates

-Soakers are for storage and protection


Skate blades should be sharpened about every 20 hours of ice time or every 2 months, whichever occurs first.

 Let's Look at The Figure Skate Brands and Models to Find the RIGHT ONE!


 Those listed are the most suggested by a consensus of manufacturers, suppliers, technicians, coaches, skaters and parents. Suggested jumps are only a general guideline. Other factors including age, weight, body type, and ice time must also be considered when choosing appropriate boots/skates.

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