Everything the newbie skater needs to get started in a Learn To Skate program. Choose from Jackson Softec Trigrips or Softec Vista skates. Excellent stability, warmth and comfort at a rasonable price. Looking for something with a bit less padding? The Riedell Opal is a perfect beginner skates with less bulk. All models are available in a variety of colors for both boys and girls.

Our First Glides Combo also contains a pair of hard guards which will prevent damage to blades when walking to and from the ice surface and a pair of soft guards ( soakers) made of absorbent terri cloth to keep blade surface rust free during blade storage. Add an all too necessary pair of skating gloves plus a professional skate fitting and blade sharpening and you've got a complete package at a great discounted price.


Basic Skills Combo #1 "First Glides"

$137.00 Regular Price
$113.00Sale Price
  • Order your First Glides Combo and pick up at Home Ice Boston in time for your Learn To Skate lesson! We recommend having skater feet measured before ordering to guarantee proper sizing. Call ( 857) 425 9539 or email Aislinn@homeiceboston.com to coordinate pick up