The Jackson Ultima Freestyle Fusion FS2191 is a Single Sensation!

Made for instructional skaters looking to master all their single jumps. Every feature of these 40 level stiffness boots with an Ultima Aspire XP crosscut bade is designed to enhance the skating experience, provide stability, comfort and control. Durable and lightweight Microfiber upper has remarkable flexibility, versatility and strength, with just the right amount of bling! New Fusion Sole is lightweight, torque resistant; rubber inlay provides non-slip blade mount and superior shock absorption. This skate recommended for Single Jumps and the following test levels: USFSA Basic 8, Freestyle Test 1-4, Pre-Preliminary, Preliminary ISI Freestyle Test 3, 4 Skate Canada Canskate Stages, 6, 7, Pre-Preliminary

  • U-shaped cuff pattern and adjusted back height allows for maximum flexibility without looking support.
  • Rolled lining eliminates pressure and irritation on tendons above ankles.
  • Swarovski inlaid crystals looks stylish and elegant.
  • Specially re-designed covered tongue with soft top-line eliminates shin irritation.
  • Lace slits in tongue keep tongues in place.
  • Made on Jackson's Elite last to provede a wider toe box and narrower heels, reduced pressure and better heel lock.
  • Ultima Aspire XP Blade attached with screws.
  • Heat Moldable
  • Stiffness Rating 40 - Moderate
  • Available in Regular (A/B) and Wide (C/D) Widths.

Jackson Girl's FS2191 Freestyle Fusion