This 3-D Lycra product is knitted with soft yarn, a unique blend that provides the soft touch, the comfort and the performance of microfiber yarns along with the quality, durability and practicality needed in skating. Fastex buckles for easy release and no snagging are easy to fasten. An all around excellent tight for team wear and competition; soft warm and durable.

  • 70 denier nylon microfiber
  • Suntan is stocked but light tan and caramel ar also available ( allow 2 weeks)

Mondor 3338 Skating Tights Over the Boot

  • When wearing over the boot tights, sometimes your skate hooks will snag and tear the fabric. If you wear the skating knee-hi under the tights, pull the top of the knee hi over the top of your skate and down to cover the hooks before you cover your boots with your OTB tights, you will add an extra layer of protection and tights should last longer.