Sk8Tape is a multi-purpose tape for your skates.

-PROTECTS leather or microfiber from the usual unavoidable scratches, scrapes and scuffs of skating caused by falls, lunges, partners, synchro, etc.. It’s

  • WATERPROOF, preventing boot damage and rotting from moisture. SK8TAPE ® 
  • STAYS ON for months when skating, yet it can be 
  • EASILY REMOVED only when you want it removed. 
  • NO STICKY RESIDUE is left behind, unlike other tapes, and it 
  • STRETCHES to fit securely around the curves on boots. SK8TAPE ® is 
  • INCONSPICUOUS and is excellent for all competitions, giving skates a fresh appearance.
  • Holds laces nice and tight during competitions too!


  • Not typically recommended for suede finish boots