Soft and Absorbant for Blade storage!

These terrycloth soft blade covers (soakers) will keep your blades moisture-free, preventing what can be devastating damage from rust. Soakers can prolong the time between sharpenings, saving you time and money! Never forget to remove the plastic hard guards when not wearing your skates!! If left on too long you will notice the tell-tale horizontal rust strips where the guards cam in contact with the metal. use inserting in soakers. a soft cloth or blade towel to dry bldes before inserting in soakers.
Ice and temperature change create moisture on your blades which, if not dried and protected, will oxidize the metal and create rust, Make sure soakers are long enough so that the toe picks of your skates do not rip through the cloth. Machine wash frequently inside out..especially if you notice any discoloration.

Terry Cloth Soft Blade Covers ( Soakers)