The new benchmark for free skaters has arrived!


The definitive free skating blade designed for the optimum performance, the Gold Seal features solid sole plates for increased rigidity and strength and a taper hollow ground, giving increased bite on edges. Slightly higher stanchions let you lean more completely into your edges, making edge jumps and maneuvers, like spread eagles much easier. The unique rocker placement provides superior flow and speed., The fusion of old and new technology allows the skater to move across the ice at increased speeds, perform higher jumps and cushion-land them, greatly reducing the possibility of injury. Used successfully by many Olympic level skaters for double, triple and quad jumps… you can’t get a better blade than the Gold Seal revolution... to quote The Wizard of Oz: "Not no way.. not no how!"

• 8 foot Rocker
• Radius of Hollow: 5/8"
• Sizes Available 8” - 12"
• 1/4” increments
• Available in Standard and Parabolic ( special order only)

Wilson Gold Seal Revolution

  • Save shipping charges! Arrange to pick up merchandise at Home Ice Boston located inside The Skating Club of Boston. A proper fitting is essential for  the best fitting skates. Contact or call 857-425-9539 to check availability.