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JACKSON'S  ENTRE'...They may just have something here


Designed for the skater looking for the support level of the Elle or Freestyle skate, however they need a Legacy or Advanced blade to meet their requirements. So the Entre is for the little skater who needs a better quality blade but can't handle the stiffness level of a Debut or Premiere yet.

Lightweight Micro fiber material has Dura Guard protection for added durability and uses our Fusion sole, so it's light weight, torque resistant and waterproof.

The Jackson Wrap Lacing System with extra wrap over the instep provides best fit on all widths so it helps prevent lace bite, flexes in the right spots and feels like a hug. 

Swarovski crystals add sparkle to the boot with additional placement on the side and back strap. WOO HOO!! SPARKLES!

A rubber inlay provides non-slip blade mount and superior shock absorption. The Entré Boot is also offered as part of the Jackson RAPID CUSTOM BOOT program. Multiple widths, customized soles and tongues.... so it's perfect for individualized fit.

IT'S A TRUE MASH UP, IN A GOOD WAY!   The stiffness level is 40, like the Freestyle, but is sold as a boot only so it can be customized like a Debut and mounted with your choice of blade. It's similar to an updated Competitor with lots of new bells and whistles, all of which add to the fit and individual usability.  We usually suggest adding a Legacy or Matrix Legacy blade to make a perfect combo.

The NEW RIEDELL VEGA & ELARA...Are they REALLY so different?

Riedell Vega

The Vega will appeal to the aspiring skater wanting the performance of a high end skate at a reasonable price. The Vega incorporates many of the same features of the Elara including the military grade microfiber uppers, dual density ankle padding and Hydro-Shield soles. The strategically positioned support material is ideal for single and double revolution jumps.

  • Support Rating: 75

  • Skill Level: For single and double jumps

  • Sizing:

    • White, sizes 4-10 full & half, Narrow (AA), Medium (B), & Wide (D) widths

    • Black, sizes 4-13 full & half, Narrow (AA), Medium (B), & Wide (D) widths



The VEGA and ELARA are built using pre-formed and pre-molded materials that eliminate or reduce the need for heat molding or use of a skate oven....sounds like they took a page out of EDEA's playbook!


    • Broader toe shape for added comfort and allows toes to lay flat

    • Snug heel fit for better control

    • Higher heel for better forward foot position


    • Thermoplastic urethane provides strong foot support

    • Will not absorb moisture or ice shavings

    • Lightweight and rigid support

    • EVA cushion midsole provides great impact absorption

    • Highly consistent for blade tracking


    • Military grade pebble grain microfiber material

    • Abrasion resistant and cut resistant

    • Strong tensile strength


    • Strategically-placed reinforcements reduce or eliminate lace bite

    • Tongue keeper and lace loop keeps tongue in place

    • 3/16" sponge rubber padding


    • Allows for consistent blade sizing

    • Allows for shorter blade for better maneuverability


    • 3/8" thick provides smooth comfort

    • EVA custom forms to the ankle

    • Urethane material provides great cushioning


    • Allows for better fit and wrap around the ankle and top

    • Ergonomically-shaped boot promotes proper range of motion, support and comfort


Introducing the all new Elara model from Riedell. A result of the culmination of intense research and design, the Elara offers the top-level skater strong support utilizing new materials and design. Learn more about the features below.

  • Support Rating: 100

  • Skill Level: For triple and quad jumps

  • Sizing:

    • White, sizes 4-10 full & half, AA, B & D width

    • Black, sizes 4-13 full & half, AA, B & D width

A few key differences between the New Riedells and the Edeas are the last, heel design and sole construction. While it definitely follows the model of creating the ultimate lightweight boot, The heel is constructed of cork and leather in a modernized version of the standard heel which is still lightweight and strong, provides impact deflection and it's increased height provides better blade position. The last allows for a wider toe box and narrower heel which has corrected an issue which has plaques Riedell skaters in the past. The sole is similar to the Jackson Fusion and allows for more consistent blade sizing and easier mounting. GOOD STUFF!

Looking for something New?


We can stone then, dye them, and have many blades personalized..( shown are the new MK-Wilson Rose Gold) you spend so much time in your skates; show your personality.

A Healthy Look at What is Ailing the New Jackson 5000 series; They Just Don't Feel Right....

When Manufacturers change boot designs, even if the last and sizing is fairly consistent, there are often subtle changes to fit that may affect durability and break down. So many considerations are factored into the ultimate product, that when an issue like lightness is the main emphasis, other elements can fall by the wayside.

If you have noticed your new Jacksons breaking down prematurely, fitting slightly loose in the ankle area so that you feel the need to tighten the laces more often, the culprit may be the different tongue structure.

The good news.... you have options

As many of you are aware, about a year ago, the company switched their elite products, formally the 4000 series (DJ4500, DJ4400, etc.) to a Microfiber/Carbon Fiber style called the 5000 series.

Jackson has vehemently insisted that the new series is the exact same in stiffness, size, structure, the only difference is that the outer is microfiber and the sole carbon fiber to reduce weight/water damage. For those of you special ordering beige, or a custom color your exterior is still leather since they do not dye the microfiber.( pssst....but we do!)

While a lot of skaters adjusted just fine to the new models, others are noticing a difference, and I believe the tongue is the culprit here, because I don't believe everyone's feet magically shrunk over the course of a year :P  Here is a diagram showing the differences in tongues. You can still get the 4000 series tongue, however; it will add a few extra weeks to production and it is a $50 modification, but if you're nervous about changing to the new version or if you know you're tough on skates, this might be a good thing to keep in mind for your next pair.



You say you want a Revolution, well, you know....

On a personal note....

1. catch foot spins - more difficult to grab, need to relearn hand position

2. need to sharpen more often - more likely to rust
3. little bit trickier for clip over the boot tights but not impossible... maybe that's why they are using the footless tights that I noticed in Olympic skating.....hmm

4. I do find them "springier"  Definitely feel a bit of a spring board affect with them which I enjoy for jumping.

Jackson Ultima FUSION SOLES
Edea Anti-Shock


Whenever a new product or feature becomes available it’s essential to take a closer look as to what benefit it offers and to whom.

       Taking a closer look at the new Ultima Fusion Sole which is the newest feature added to their product line, one immediately thinks “Well, it’s an obvious attempt to compete with the lightweight Edeas and Risports, but does it actually make them better?”

       The technology behind Edea construction is based on creating a specific lightweight boot, with better control, that acts as an extension of the skater’s foot and reduces the shock of impact. Now that’s a great concept, and when they add some Swarovski sparkle for appeal…the phrase “sell like hot cakes” comes to mind! They break in quickly and mold to the skater’s feet with minimal effort. The sole is a composite of fiberglass and nylon, making it extremely thin; heel construction is angular which allows for a more natural contour. Benefit to skaters is without question,  if you consider that THE FORCE OF JUMP IMPACT IS 7-8 TIMES THE SKATER'S BODY WEIGHT, every bit of shock absorption helps.


 Negatives? Well, they are expensive, require an extremely specific lacing pattern, unique mounting, and exact sizing or boot does not hold up well. When they break down, due to the acrylic support system, boots are a dead issue. Unfortunately, unless skaters have an extra pair broken in, this could happen at a very awkward time. High level competitors break in at least 2 pair so they have an extra… just in case. An additional NOENE insole is required for greater shock absorption. Promo says that you can never “over-boot” which has put way to many mid-level skaters in high level boots with the belief that it will improve technique. It doesn’t, and yes, you can over-boot, even with Edeas. Unless the skater can get used to a very loose ankle area, Edea's will not perform as designed.

Jackson’s construction has always been extremely durable, outlasting many others. It offers more design options in structure and width, making a better match for a greater variety of feet. The insoles have good arch support and boots are completely heat moldable so there is no need to “hope” that they mold to your foot naturally, or perform the carefully orchestrated minimal punch technique required by other brands. They do take a bit longer to break in and gel sleeves are usually recommended for comfort.


What about the FUSION concept? Why is everyone shifting away from leather

and is it an improvement? Let’s take a closer look:



First things first… Jackson technology reports: “Microfiber has been more durable and lasting longer than leather. The issue I feel that with the global banning of chemicals and processes to tan leather as before has led to acceptance of “softer” leathers through vegetable Tanning. If skating was accepting synthetic a decade or two ago, no stiffness issues would be present. Additional heat molding with some flection has addressed those with stiff boots.” 
Jackson touts itself as balancing tradition and innovation; and they have usually been in the forefront of testing new designs, concepts and materials that are meant to enhance technique. Some work, some are terrific concepts that just don’t work out in practice like the Proflex hinged boots.


The Fusion Sole is constructed from a solid piece of lightweight nylon composite which is much stronger, waterproof, requires minimal maintenance (Hello, DOI skaters)

  • MINIMIZES LATERAL TORQUE. In other words: Nylon has some flexibility yet resists twisting from the pressure of jumps.


No concave or convex plastic soles that make blade mounting a nightmare. One piece nylon construction provides a consistent flat surface and better grip for the screws.


A layer of rubber inlay provides a non-slip blade mount and superior shock absorption. No need to add an extra insole. The Fusion sole is 25% lighter than the standard sole.


The Fusion sole is available on a variety of models so skaters of many ability levels and sizes, including stock wider widths, can utilize the new technology and explore the benefits.


Here’s the thing…. These are new, so to see if these points are as accurate in practice as they are on paper, more “skate’s on” evidence needs to be compiled. It certainly seems to have used the newest technology positively, correcting durability and quality control issues, plus adding a greater range of products and sizes.. all with the required amount of bling. So, stay tuned as more reports become available, we will update with current feedback. They sound very promising.

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