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New to Home Ice and want to know more?

Here are some commonly asked questions:

1. Do you work with figure skates and hockey skates?
My background and knowledge is in figure skating.  I sharpen figure blades and hockey blades but for fittings, blade mountings, and most adjustments, I only work with figure skates. 
2. Were you a skater?
Yup. I have been skating for over 25 years, competed locally in Montana growing up and enjoyed a 6 year career professionally skating with Disney on Ice. To me, having personal experience with the sport and the equipment is a crucial part of being a skate tech. Simply put skating always has been and always will be my passion. 
3. What brands do you carry?
We carry just about every competitive brand you can think of, but some of our top sellers are:
Edea, Jackson, Risport, Riedell, Graf, Aura (new addition)
Matrix blades, Wilson blades, MK blades, Paramount blades
4. What level of skaters do you have experience working with?
I outfit and sharpen for skaters of every discipline (synchro, pairs, singles, dance) and work with skaters ranging from very beginners to national medalists and Team USA athletes.  
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