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Skates are Precious...

Take Care of Your Equipment!

Humidity and moisture will rust your blades and cause the leather and materials of your boots to break down, follow these tips and keep your skates safe!

The number one threat to your skates: MOISTURE

Blade Maintenance

Your blades are metal: they will rust if they are not dried and kept dryTo prevent your blades from rusting, commit to the following habits:

-Wipe your blades dry with a cloth after you get off the ice
-Put soakers on your blades AT ALL TIMES you are not wearing your skates
*The metal of your blades will continue to create condensation for up to 6  
hours after you get off the ice, this is why you need soakers to continuously
wick away the moisture

-If you live in a particularly humid climate, you may still exerpience some spotty rusting, even with soakers.  If this is the case, wipe down your blades with WD-40 or olive oil before storing your blades and this will help prevent the rust from starting. 

Soakers (also called soft blade covers) are fabric cozies for your blades and an essential tool to protecting your equipment. 

Soakers are often confused with hard guards, which are rubber protectors that are used for wearing your skates in areas that do not have a rubber floor. 


Even if the floor in your rink is rubber, it is highly recommended that you use your hard guards when walking because a dirty floor with sand, dirt, gravel, salt etc. can dull your blades very quickly.

Never EVER store your skates in hard guards!

Hard guards are made with plastic and rubber, they will only hold in and harbor moisture, causing your blades to rust very quickly!

Hard Guards are for walking

Soakers are for storage

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