Brands and Models: Where to Start?

Which skate is right for me?

Size and structure vary between brands and models. Don't guess, make an appointment to get fitted by a professional

 "So which one is the best?" 


If I had a dollar for every time I was asked this question... Well, unfortunately there is no such thing as  "the best" .  Each brand has it's own unique set of pros and cons. It is my job to research and test each product so that I can best match you according to your skating level, style and foot shape.

Are you a freestyle skater, a dancer or synchro? Do you do pairs? Is your foot wide? Do you have a high arch? These are the questions that should be asked and answered.

Regardless of what brand you purchase, it is critical that the fit is exact.  


Yes, children grow quickly, but it is far less expensive to replace your skates once or twice a year than to take you child to the hospital because they broke their ankle in skates that did not fit properly.

Below are several of our most popular brands with a brief description of their features and how they differ from one another


Jackson Ultima - Canada

  • Heat mold-able for an easier break in

       (does not apply for entry level ice skates with plastic soles)

  • Wider toe box and foot bed.  More comfortable for wide toes or people with bunions/bone spurs

  • STRONG boots - do not crease or soften as quickly as similar models from competing brands

  • Skaters who wear Jackson:

  • Jason Brown 2015 US National Mens Champion

  • Adam Rippon 2016 US National Mens Champion

  • Nathan Chen 2017 US National Mens Champion

  • Mirai Nagasu 2010 Winter Olympics 4th place

Risport - Italy

  • Risport has boots offered in leather, aloe and their new models are made of lightweight micro fiber with carbon fiber soles.

  • A more gradual lift in arch and instep make this boot a more comfortable fit for people with flat or pronated feet

  • COMFORT - Risports consistently get excellent reviews for comfort and easy break in, HOWEVER; this does mean that they are likely to break down quicker for powerful skaters.

  • Skaters who wear Risport:

  • Mao Asada - 2010 Winter Olympics Silver Medalist

  • Yuna Kim - 2010 Winter Olympics Gold Medalist

  • Shoma Uno - 2017 Worlds Silver Medalist

Riedell - USA

  • Most Riedells models are made with synthetic materials so

       they are an option for those who do not support the use of            


  • American Made!

  • NARROW - Riedells fit incredibly tight and narrow through toes and instep so they are an excellent choice for individuals with slender feet and ankles.

  • Skaters who wear Riedell:

  • Jonny Weir - 2008 World Bronze Medalist

  • Vincent Zhou - 2017 US National Mens Silver Medalist

GRAF - Switzerland

  • Beautiful design, Grafs are high quality leather boots with intricate stitching

  • HIGH ARCH - Grafs have an anatomical foot bed and are designed with a high arch lift, making them an excellent and comfortable choice for people with high arches.

  • Grafs have a wide AND high toe box

  • Skaters who wear GRAF:

  • Carolina Kostner - 2014 Winter Olympics bronze medalist

  • Javier Fernandez - 2015 and 2016 World Champion

  • Ashley Wagner - 2016 World Silver Medalist

Gam - Canada

  • Heat Mold-able

  • In step "wings" to create security wrap around affect

  • WIDE - Comfortable fit for people with wider in steps and toes

  • Sister company to Jackson

    • Jackson and Gam are both owned by Tournament sports

  • Skaters who wear GAM

  • Marissa Castelli 2016 US Pairs Bronze Medalist