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How to Measure Feet for Figure Skates


Figure Skate Sizing is not the same as sizing for street shoes and must be done accurately to get the best and most comfortable fit. Home Ice Boston would like for every skater to have the best possible fit for their Figure Skates or Figure Skate Boots.  From information provided to us by the manufacturer's as well as customer fitting experience we have provided to you below the best instructions that we have found on how to measure feet for figure skates for the best fit for ice skating shoes. Please read carefully. Once you have found your measurements, use each brand's figure skate size chart to find your size. We also suggest that you check out our HELP ME I'M NEW page as well as the individual information pages on BOOTS and BLADES  which will provide excellent information which will enable you to choose the correct  skates for your appropriate age and level. next is proper sizing.

foot measure.jpg

      For a good fit, you will need to measure both foot length and width. Starting with length, make sure that you are either barefoot or in the thin socks that you will use when skating. It is best to take measurements while standing and have someone help so that everything is accurate.       Using a tape measure or ruler, stand with your heel against a flat surface like a wall. Measure from the back of the heel to the tip of the longest toe.

      Since one foot may be slightly longer or shorter, be sure to measure both and use the longer measurement.

When you measure the width, be sude to use a tape measure to find the circumference of the ball of the foot in inches. Be sure to measure all the way around the widest part of  ball of the foot. 

Manufacturers use this measurement in their respective charts so just getting a flat width measurement will not be as effective in finding your proper size. If you have a large bunion in that area, remember that your boot can be adjusted to accommodate tender areas, particularly if it means going to a wider width just for that area on one foot.

Now you have the length and width to use on the specific brand of boots


Jackson sizes their figure skates for a snug fit,  so the toe will be slightly touching the inside of the boot., which reflects the length of the insole. Depending on your foot type, and other conditions which may affect your skating, this may feel a bit tight to start. heat molding, spot adjustments and some break in time may take away most feelings of discomfort.  Children may need a little extra room for growth. If you prefer a less snug fit or need a little growth room, then go a half size up but not more. 

Figure skates that are too large can cause early break down  creasing in uncomfortable areas, and will not support  feet properly.

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Riedell width for kids.JPG
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